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The New Normal of Life Means More Time Around the Family at Home

The digital shift that the world has undergone is unprecedented. For many people, being confined to small apartments and flats can also induce claustrophobia or depreciating mental health.

Pramod Group’ modern luxury house designs ensure that your homes are wide and spacious. With extensive gardens, open spaces, and gorgeous views from your balcony, we help you combat any possibility of claustrophobia. Even if confined to your home, you still have the space for yourself. This is especially important in the new normal.

There are also positives to being in lockdown. Especially if you are in lockdown with your family, now is the perfect time to get to know them better. Living through a pandemic is very mentally stressful. But quality time in a premier modern luxury house in Delhi can make all the difference!

But what has this new normal meant for families?

Let us first look into the work and study regimes.

Distinguishing the Office Space

Work from home is gradually becoming a norm, and more people are trying to create separate spaces within the homes to keep the work synergies going. It is essential to create a space that promises an energetic and productive environment. At the same time, space must be solitary enough, away from the rest of the family’s hustle, so that one can focus on work entirely. With Pramod’s modern luxury house, this aspect comes covered as we never forget to create abundant, equipped, and functional study areas in every home, which can be used for professional endeavours with ease.

Coordinated Work Schedules

With home and office becoming a single entity, the new normal we are in can be particularly stressful. However, especially if you have older children, being productive together often eases stress. This means that instead of everyone working at odd times, you can all decide times when you will be working and when you will take breaks. If your child or children have online classes, this is easier since you can coordinate your schedule according to their timetable.

Once you have this, you can also spend the breaks together in your modern luxury house. The comfort that Pramod homes provide aims to create stress-free environments so you and your family can be productive without worry!

Once the work and study hours are over, it is time to recreate, rejuvenate and get energized for the days ahead. How can you do that in Pramod homes? Let’s take a closer look.

Collectively CookingModern Luxury House In East Delhi

Helping around the house has become a collective activity in the new normal we live in. Cooking is no exception to this. So, instead of one person doing all the cooking, take turns with your spouse or partner. Better yet, cook together! Involve your children in the process. Bake a cake and let them do the frosting.

This is all possible when the kitchen is wide and accommodating of multiple people. Not to mention, with Pramod’s designer modern luxury house, you also get the latest technology. This makes cooking much more relaxed, even for people who may not be inclined.

Group Gardening

The new normal has also promoted gardening and growing your greens to a large extent. Plants are an excellent way to keep your energies in balance. Gardening has several therapeutic properties and gives you more control since you are responsible for plants, too. Every modern luxury house by Pramod keeps this in mind. We incorporate greens into all our designs for greater aesthetic appeal and Vastu preservation. By creating greener, eco-friendly homes, Pramod’s architects also ensure you have cleaner air to breathe while giving you and your family the feeling of being outdoors when you are forced indoors.

Gardening together also teaches your children about responsibility. Use the vast green spaces we provide and have your children take care of plants. This is one of many group activities that promote combined healing.

Pot-Luck Dinners

As lockdown eases around us, having regular dinners with the small groups of friends becomes part of this new normal. Earlier, if you wanted to meet your friends, you might have gone to a restaurant. Now that is not an option.

Instead, turn your modern luxury house into a space conducive to meet-ups. Do not offer to do all the cooking. Plan a menu with your friends instead. Decide what everyone is bringing beforehand. This way, you cut down on time you spend cooking while still having a wide variety of complementary dishes.

Redecorate and Reflect

Part of the new normal is making your home a space where you feel at peace. Especially with the home doubling as an office space, the notion of “coming home after a long day at work” does not exist. So you need a space that is conducive to your mental health.

Every modern luxury house that Pramod designs, keeps in mind Vastu principles. Apart from the greenery mentioned above, placement and orientation are critical to us. Our homes combine aesthetics with practicality for maximum happiness. You can also redecorate your home to reflect your inner desires and state. Alternatively, create a space where everything you like is within plain sight. This way, when you come out of your office after a day of work, you immediately see appealing and soothing elements spread across the living space.

Modern Luxury House In East DelhiLiving Room Camping

Increasing the fun you have with your family is essential to staying sane during this new normal we live in. One of the perks of having a spacious and modern luxury house in Delhi is its adaptability. With Pramod’s expansive living rooms, you and your family that simulate camping. Just move around the furniture and set up a tent with a few sleeping bags.

The best part about this is that it is very comfortable. You can roast some peanuts in the kitchen, maybe bake some bread and create a small rustic meal to get the feel of being outdoors.

Celebrating Together

This new normal has also changed the way we celebrate with each other. Instead of booking venues and event planners, all celebrations happen at home, especially the terrace, with a close-knit group of friends. You can deck up the terrace with greens and party lights thrown liberally all over them. Some floor spreads, cushions, and candles can come together to create a scintillating ambience for a home party. Just cook delicious food at home in the company of loved ones and make merry.

To create such refreshing get-togethers, having a modern luxury house big enough for a celebration is, therefore, necessary. Pramod’s homes aim to give you such spaces which are vibrant and radiate positivity. This way, as we return to a somewhat traditional way of dealing with the world in that family becomes the centre, our celebrations adjust accordingly.

Make Time for Activities

As the world became more fast-paced, the notion of making time for your loved ones was left behind. But now, post-COVID, this new normal allows you to get to know your family properly. So make weekly schedules of activities you can do in advance!

Whether playing Twister or Monopoly, watching a movie, or making a meal together, making time for each other is more manageable now. Take advantage of this and adequately use the amount of space your modern luxury house gives you! When we give you this house, we want you and your family to not just live in the house but to thrive in it!

Pramod Group understands the difficulty that comes with adjusting to the new normal. Our Vastu-compliant homes are built to reduce your stress levels. But you do not have to deal with it alone. You and your family are a team, and your modern luxury house is your home base. We encourage you to treat it this way, coming up with innovative, practical solutions to continue enjoying each other’s company within the vast open spaces and nature we provide!

Pramod Group

Established in 1984, Pramod Group is a Delhi based designer infrastructure and development company which is constructed on the foundation of building trust. It has been serving its customers with quality floors well over two decades.

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