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Residential Vastu


At Pramod, we believe that homes are built for health, wealth and prosperity. To keepResidential Vastu in East Delhi all these elements intact, Vastu helps a lot in the design and architecture of the house. We offer avid Vastu consultation to all our patrons who come to us with the aspirations of building safe and prosperous dream homes.

More than that, as Residential Vastu in East Delhi, we make sure that every home that we design and build is a living testimony of our profound faith in Vastu. We have researched and studied the Vastu practices ever since Pramod came into existence. A proficient team of Vastu experts at our helm offers absolute support, guidance and consultation to the owners of beautiful abodes.


Our bouquet of Vastu Services consultation services in East Delhi includes:

  • A complete Vastu Consultation
  • One-on-one Session on Vastu Shastra as per the scriptures
  • Thorough analysis and most effective Vastu solutions


During our consultation sessions, we suggest and recommend effortless and straightforward layout of Vastu as per your home that will allow you to balance the energy and vibrations inside your living spaces. We also suggest the directions and placements of rooms and other utility areas as per the established Vastu Shastra. This consultation includes the use of various colours, shapes, object and other related entities to enhance the positive energies of the premises. This helps the residents to achieve the optimum levels of growth, harmony, peace and prosperity within their dream homes that we build for them.


As Residential Vastu in East Delhi, we make sure that, our initiative is a combination of careful analysis of the living spaces and the needs of the people living in. We offer the most intuitive solutions based on a tough study of our subjects.  These Vastu solutions or adjustments, as we call them, can be quite obvious and visible and sometimes really subdued and subtle in nature. In any form, Vastu adjustment can align and re-distribute the energy in the homes and help the residents achieve their core aspirations.


Why is Vastu consultation in East Delhi needed?

In all practical sense, a comprehensive Vastu consultation and the solutions provided can liberate much energy that can circulate inside the living spaces, the energy that wants to liberate you. It is important for humans to let the power of Vastu become their personal power that leads to various possibilities. Changing the placements and appearances as per Vastu Shastra can bring highly elevated results related to health, wealth, peace and prosperity of one and all.

Apart from being the Residential Vastu in East Delhi, we also strictly adhere to the science of Vastu while building homes. Here are the major 15 Vastu points that we follow for all our designs and constructions.


  1. We keep the staircase in the house in the South or South-West direction.
  2. We keep the kitchen in the South East direction.
  3. We keep the washrooms and toilets in the West, South or North West direction.
  4. We always lay the master bedroom in the South West direction.
  5. We ensure that the wash commode faces the North or South direction.
  6. We design the bedrooms in such a way that the bed headboards remain in the South, East or West direction.
  7. We maintain the hob position in the kitchen in the East direction.
  8. The Drawing room of the house is kept in the North East direction.
  9. The living room is constructed in the North West direction.
  10. Puja room of the house is built in the North East direction.
  11. Underground tank for water is constructed in such a way that it acquires the North East direction.
  12. The boring for the tank is also done in the North East direction.
  13. The electric panel of the house is placed in the South East direction.
  14. The overhead tanks for the building are placed in South West direction.
  15. We place Marubrahmthan on the layout design to ensure there are no heavy structural elements or any cutouts obstructing the construction.


Apart from our absolute endeavour to give you safe, secure and prosperous homes, we also like to extend a complete Vastu consultation to our valued patrons.

You can always get in touch with us to find out the best Vastu for your home.

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