With principals based on building trust we are Delhi's leading ISO Certified designer home developers.
Established in 1984, Pramod Associates is a Delhi based designer infrastructure and development company which is constructed on the foundation of building trust.


Straight From The Heart

As we enter our 35th year of business, our care and attention to detail has never been stronger. It’s easy to promote yourself, however the true reflection of a business is in the feedback from your customers & Vendors. Below is a selection of comments from some of our customers. Our passion for customer satisfaction & excellence is just one reason why we are humbly & proudly The Market Leader.

Review By: Mr. Rajat Babbar, Mr. Gulshan Nagpal, Mr. Saurav Agrawal and Mr. Manoj Gaur

Mr. Subhash Chandra 

 (Vigyan Lok)

Mr. Rajesh Mendiratta 

(Anand Vihar)

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Mr. Vinay Gupta

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Mr. Ramesh Gupta

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Mrs. Khosla 

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Mr. Deepak Sharma

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Mr. Jitendra Aggarwal

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Dhanraj Bhatia

Buying a house and setting it up is such a long and tedious process. And, while thinking about it, the idea of turnkey designer homes never entered my mind! That is until Pramod entered my life with beautiful homes and an even better work ethic!

Vijay Aggarwal

Your home is where you and your family should grow together. It needs to reflect the positive energy that the love you surround yourself with creates. And, in my research, I found that only Pramod Group, with their unyielding beliefs in the Vastu principles, are up to the task!

Shikha Menon

When it comes to excellence and extreme diligence, the only home designers I can think of are Pramod Group. Throughout the entire process of building my home – right from the construction up to the interior décor, they always kept me in the loop and tried to incorporate every idea I had! Thank you, Pramod!

Savita Sabarwal

Like everyone else, I always had the idea of a dream home in my mind. The perfect blend of modern and classical, it would be awe-inspiring with an aroma of sophistication! Now, I never thought this would become a reality. And then Pramod Group entered the stage and made this dream come true!

Pulkit Patheja

If you need regal elegance, look no further than Pramod Group. Their 5 Savita Project perfectly comprises the type of homes they make. Every home inspires positivity and a soothing peacefulness of the mind with their Vastu principles. So choose Pramod and don’t look back. I know I haven’t!

Pawan Kumar

Absolute sophistication comes from very high-quality taste. It also comes from having the contacts and experience necessary to class up a home. Before I got my dream home, I had no idea what I wanted. I had no contacts. I had no means of making my dream a reality. And then Pramod Group entered my life. With their keen eye and impeccable taste, they put together a home fit for royalty!

Rohan Sharma

Investing in a good home is akin to investing in yourself. Everyone deserves a house that makes them feel like they are finally home. When you get home, you should feel a weight lift off your shoulders. My house used to be a source of tension for me. But now, by incorporating Vastu and positive energy in all their designer homes, Pramod Group has solved this!

Sumeet Malhotra

I am a steadfast environmentalist and finding a home that met all my standards for environment-friendliness was very difficult. And then I met Pramod Group. Suddenly the question stopped being where I would find a home meeting my standards but when I could move into it. Because why wait for the universe to drop your dream home in your path when you can just get designer turnkey home builders like Pramod?

Nishant Bansal

I always wanted my own home. But the process of getting it seemed so complicated. And I did not like any I saw to buy on my own. And then, one day, I came across Pramod Group. By offering designer turnkey homes, they instantly met all my expectations. I just met them, told them my plan and they took it from there! So now I simply must thank them for giving me a place I can finally truly call home!

Kiran Kotriyal

What I knew was that I wanted my own home. I wanted it built from scratch. But the number of design options was intimidating, to say the least. And this is why I thank my lucky stars profusely every day for finding Pramod Group. Their 5 Savita project offers the templates I have always needed to make the perfect decision. So, if you are as indecisive as me, Pramod is perfect for you!

KC Chawla

Finding environmentally-friendly housing options is a task. The amount of artificial lighting so many houses have is really off-putting, especially for me and my love of indoor plants that need natural light to thrive. And this is precisely why I prefer Pramod Group. Their amazingly environmentally-conscious architects and interior designers design homes with an emphasis on greenery and natural light, automatically reducing any environmental impact!

Nandkishore Sharma

All I really wanted in my new home was a positive atmosphere. I wanted a space I could call my own which radiated positive energy and sophistication. Elegant positivity was the vibe I was going for.

The only problem was I had no idea how to achieve this. And then Pramod Group stepped in. With their innovative ideas and elaborate plans, they put together the perfect blend of comfort and class in a turnkey home for me. The awe-inspiring results were exactly what I had been looking for!

Kavita Vardhan

Buying a house is equal to self-care. But not if the house is a source of tension. Not if it makes you uncomfortable and doesn’t give you that feeling of relief to finally be home after a long day at work. And it was fear of this feeling that kept me from buying a home.

And then I met Pramod Group. They say that establishing trust is more important to them. And I can happily say that they are completely successful in that regard! I trusted them with building my perfect home and I have never regretted that decision!

Goldy Bagga

My biggest worry about building a house for my family and I was not the actual building process. It was what came after. I was very worried that anyone I hired would have no after-sales service and we would be left high and dry in times of trouble.

But when I found that Pramod Group had a solid after-sales customer care programme, I wasted no time in meeting them. And I have never been happier with my decision! Their excellent team is so responsive and are with you through the entire process – from the beginning where you build your home until you are comfortably settled in!

Amarjeet Khurana

Being an environmentally-conscious person living in today’s world is hard. With forests burning everywhere and climate change, trying to give back to the environment is a task. It also feels redundant when you live in an unsustainable home.

This is why I always opt for sustainable living and having a designer turnkey home solutions company like Pramod Group backing this cause with their Go Green Initiative makes me even happier to be their client. They understand how precious our environment is and are fighting climate change by encouraging sustainable living through rainwater harvesting and other eco-friendly measures!

Saurabh Gandhi

I have never encountered the kind of elegance Pramod Group’ 5 Savita Project has. Their remarkable 4 home designs meet every need I have for regal sophistication. They also transport you to various eras around the world – whether with the Romanesque arches or modern contemporary designs.

I never thought my dream for living in a palace-like space would come true but now I am truly the queen of my own castle. Every time I step into my home, I see a touch of Pramod and, more importantly, I see myself reflected in my home!

Rajeshwari Mittal

When my family and I were thinking about a new home, it honestly seemed like so much trouble. There was someone new we had to call at every turn. We had to coordinate so much. And we received no adviceon whether all our ideas for our new home would work!

This changed completely when we got Pramod Group on board. The second they heard our plans, they completely understood and, in no time, they were ready to start the process of turning our dream into a reality. And, within the stipulated time, they were done! Our home was real! So, all I have to say is thank you, Pramod. We don’t know what we would have done without you.

Namit Mehra

What does it mean to build a home? This is something I used to ask myself a lot. In fact, I was always pondering on the meaning of the word “home” itself. And then, finally, one day it hit me: home means comfort. The space where you are free to be yourself. A place where you see yourself in the décor, in the atmosphere, in the energy that the space emits – that is home!

And I was lucky to find someone else who shared this definition: the brilliant architects and designers at Pramod Group! Their crystal clear understanding of what I needed to truly be comfortable in my home was unparalleled and my gratitude towards them will never cease!

Hari Bijwasan

Before Pramod Group, I had never heard of the concept of turnkey homes. I always thought to put a home together meant calling everyone up individually. It never struck me that you could just go through a single entity, which ensured your home was ready for you by a particular deadline and you could just move in!

Pramod’s turnkey homes have been my saving grace! There is no word short of sublime that can be used to describe perfect and beautiful combinations they gave me. Whether in terms of my feature wall, the kind of furniture or the fact that every room is perpetually flooded with natural light, Pramod knows how to deliver on their promises!

Kimat Manchanda

A lot of people do not understand the value of good interior décor. I, however, have never been under the illusion that a roof over my head is enough. I always needed the glamour and the sophistication that came with elegant, classy interior décor.

And, when you get this along with sustainable living, a responsive designer team, a team who constantly communicates with you and never leaves you in the dark, you’ve basically hit the jackpot!

And that’s exactly what I got with Pramod Group. Their dedication to excellence and ultimate splendour gave me the gorgeous, classy home with incredible and intricate décor that I had always wanted. So, if you believe that interior décor matters and reflects who you are, look no further!

Sudarshan Singh

I have never met a company as dedicated to ensuring client happiness as Pramod Group. When I first met them, I was struck by how incredibly informative they were and how they were ready to talk about every idea I had. But I was yet to see them work.

And when they started working on building my dream home, I was instantly blown away. Their ability to coordinate every aspect of construction and design perfectly so they always met their deadlines consistently amazed me.

And then I saw the final result. When I saw my dream home, my breath was completely taken away. I could not believe that such a gorgeous, sophisticated space could reflect who I was and yet Pramod managed to achieve this perfectly!


I have been associated with Pramod since 2015. Pramod is using quality products in all departments of construction. They do deliver as per commitment. I will definitely suggest people to get associated with Pramod. In fact I have already recommended your name to everyone who has visited our house. Though, I have no idea about Italian designs but your design is simple and unique.

The spaced are well planned of our home.


For an incredible building experience we thank you. Your attention to detail and pride in craftsmanship is both remarkable and quite evident in the end product. We are delighted with the high quality standards of the completed building.

We have been associated with Pramod for the last 5 years.

They indeed delivered as per promise. We were impressed with the way you worked so hard to get the plan just right from the beginning process. You listened carefully to what we wanted while your expertise guided us to avoid mistake. You made yourself accessible to us throughout the process.

Completely. We truly felt that your team took their best interest to heart in delivery a superior quality and beautiful looking result. Yes, your designs is comparable to Italian designs to some extent.

I have no hesitation in recommending ‘Pramod’ to any person seeking professional, competent, cooperative and efficient builder.

We greatly appreciate your team for being truly helpful. On the rare occasion where service call-out was required, a prompt and efficient service was provided.

Space was well planned and we would like to thank you for your work in making our home a place that our family truly loves, cherish and continually wowed by our dream home.


Very high quality standards. Material used is as per specifications promised. Great sense of design.

We have been associated with Pramod for the last 3 years.

More or less what was promised has been delivered. A few lapses have been rectified or are being fixed. Overall no complaints.

Excellent service. Most of the issues which were faced after moving in have been attended.

We will Surely recommend people seeking dream home. For many reasons. High quality, reliable, trustworthy and high valve for customer satisfaction.

Space is Nicely planned. Like the many large cut-outs provided. Gets sun light and fresh air. Overall practical and spacious designs.


Pramod never compromise with quality. We can see that in its every project. The same thing we have heard from other clients also. I have been associated with Pramod for the last 2 years.

Yes, our experience with Pramod has been very good because they keep their promise and resolve our issues on time.

Yes, of course they do deliver as per commitment. They are very helpful. They provide all information on time and provided full help from project start to end.

Yes, Pramod is a synonym of trust. We have a house made by them which attracts all who visits our house and ask about the builder who made it.

No comparison with Italian designs. Your designs is mind blowing.

Whenever we needed help from them, they helped us without delay. After sales service is adorable.

Whole area of our floor is designed perfectly and beautifully in which we have not found any lacking.