With principals based on building trust we are Delhi's leading ISO Certified designer home developers.
Established in 1984, Pramod Associates is a Delhi based designer infrastructure and development company which is constructed on the foundation of building trust.

Residential Construction Company


Residential Construction Company in East DelhiAt Pramod, building design and construction is the core of all activities since its inception, in all the operations that we carry. It is one of the principal services that we offer to our clients being the prominent residential construction company in East Delhi.

We take pride in giving our clients direct access to a team of highly qualified and experienced building construction specialists. We also offer absolute consultancy on building design, construction management and project supervision. We take up end-to-end residential construction projects and make sure we deliver the dream homes to all our valued clients.

Our building and construction processes include preliminary structural design, HVAC design, planning and implementing electrical control systems, developing fire safety plans and defining the functionality of the entire living space. At Pramod, the leading construction contract in East Delhi, the professionals and specialists have the required construction expertise to overcome any project challenges that we may encounter.

This is how our building and construction processes are segmented:


Plan and Design

The design of every new residential project is divided into a number of phases. These are a thorough needs analysis of the residents, cost estimates, initial design phase, final design, tender filing, documentation and seeing approvals on the blueprints, assigning a contractor to the project and complete consultation to the contractor for the entire construction process. We utilize our own meticulously developed price database to define the cost estimates in the planning stages.


Quality Control and Material Choice

The entire support structure of the building is defined keeping one most important point in mind, and that is the sustainability of the structure and the safety of the residents. These vital aspects related to support structures make the core of our construction design. The selection of the material to be used in the construction is the next step. We choose the raw materials complying with the international standards that can resist the external and internal forces to which they will be subjected, concerning load-bearing capacity and rigidity.

We are the most responsible residential construction company in East Delhi and we know that design, materials and arrangement of structural support – all these work in conjunction to bring about a successful building and construction project.


Maintenance and Renewals

We also offer the maintenance and renovation services of the buildings that we constructed. You dream homes need constant love and care to keep them in shape. With our experience in successful building maintenance and renovation, we take a lot of factors into consideration while we plan the renovation and maintenance. These factors include analysis and assessment of the type and level of maintenance involved, design of the proposed work, preparation of technical specifications, and cost estimates. We also offer construction management for maintenance works, their supervision and appraisal.


Quality and Safety Systems

All our building and construction initiatives hold no meaning without implementing quality and safety systems. It is the most imperative operating requirement for us and we make sure it stays our top-most priority. The safety specialists at Pramod are adept at risk assessment and corrective measures, occupational safety, implementation of quality systems for in-process control tests and certifications.

Apart from these inclusive processes, this multidisciplinary construction contract in East Delhi ensures timely deliveries backed by our rich project experience of more than three decades and customer-centric approach. We understand the core of building and construction processes.

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