With principals based on building trust we are Delhi's leading ISO Certified designer home developers.
Established in 1984, Pramod Associates is a Delhi based designer infrastructure and development company which is constructed on the foundation of building trust.
Very rarely do individuals find an unflagging passion for their trade, carefully hone the skills needed to excel at it, and combine it with the creative vision and prudence to achieve extraordinary milestones in their career. That too in a short span of time.

The Creative Atelier and MD of Pramod Group Lt. Vivek Gupta was one such rare individual who consistently led his firm and his employees towards excellence and higher goals. He was the reason the Pramod Group is today known as the leading luxury interior and architectural firm and a premier aspirational brand in East Delhi.

Lt. Vivek Gupta envisioned each project as a unique design story told in a timeless style. His modern outlook, unerring trend-spotting prowess and attention to detail resulted in intricately crafted lavish residential projects that have become peaceful havens for his clients.

He was an expert space planner who ensured that every inch of the space was well utilized, and maximum natural light and ventilation were ensured, making the homes expansive, luxurious and sustainable. His keen eye for world-class aesthetics, immaculate planning, the highest quality materials and finishes that give Pramod homes a stylistic edge. From the elevation design to the final touches, he took personal interest in every detail.

Lt. Vivek Gupta didn’t just want to build homes for his clients, but he wanted to establish landmarks and innovative spaces that matched the lifestyles of the new-age, globe-trotting clients. He was always in search of new ideas and innovative concepts to enhance the quality of the homes. He was a traveller and an explorer who toured the world and came back enriched with fresh vigor and ideas that set his projects apart. He was constantly looking to widen the firm’s repertoire of services to offer the very latest to his clients. The turn-key solutions that he launched are still sough-after by our clients.

He invested himself in not only growing his business and establishing the firm as a brand to reckon with, but he deeply cared for everyone he worked with, and more importantly, the environment he lived in.

Staunchly forward-looking as he was, Lt. Vivek Gupta also understood the significance of the time-tested practices such as Vaastu, and followed its principles in each of his projects. This ensured that Pramod homes are a perfect amalgamation of the modern and traditional ethos.

And his sensitivity towards Nature made him adapt all possible eco-friendly measures such as energy-efficient systems, water harvesting, and solar energy into the projects.

He also organised several annual events to create awareness about environmental consciousness.

It was a business built on trust, unmatched quality, beauty and clients’ satisfaction. Timely completion of projects within the stipulated budget and timelines was important to him to keep the clients content. It is these attributes that make a Pramod home so coveted. To keep the clients happy, he went a step ahead to offer post-handover services as well.

It is his problem-solving quality, his untiring passion and grand vision that continue to motivate us. We are simply following in his footsteps. He is a mentor that we will look up to for the fountain of inspiration, wisdom and pragmatism he represents.