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Vastu Tips for Home

Pramod Brings you Effective Vastu Tips for Home for a Peaceful and Happy Living!

Vastu tips for home

At Pramod, we believe that homes are built for health, wealth and prosperity. To keep all these elements intact, Vastu helps a lot in the design and architecture of the house. We follow Vastu tips for home ardently and all the buildings that we construct are living testimonies of our belief in Vastu.

If we go by the scriptures, we understand that VastuShastra is an ancient mystic science that imbibes the elements of art, astronomy and astrology. The philosophies and principals of designing the buildings, if imbibed meticulously, are believed to make the life of the people better who live in that building. In addition, effective Vastu tips for home also keep all the trouble away. Thus, Vastu means the science of architecture and direction originating from the five elements of nature, namely; air, water, earth, space, and fire. The VastuShastra balances these elements with the man and material of the house. The science revolves around the creation, construction and placement of rooms and other objects in the house so that the harmony is maintained. It creates a balance in the environment that transforms a house into a home; a calm and peaceful abode enhancing the health, wealth and prosperity for the family.

At Pramod, we strictly adhere to the science of Vastu while building homes. Here are the major 15 Vastu points that we follow for all our designs and constructions.

  1. We keep the staircase in the house in the South or South-West direction.
  2. We keep the kitchen in the South East direction.
  3. We keep the washrooms and toilets in the West, South or North West direction.
  4. We always lay the master bedroom in the South West direction.
  5. We ensure that the wash commode faces the North or South direction.
  6. We design the bedrooms in such a way that the bed headboards remain in the South, East or West direction.
  7. We maintain the hob position in the kitchen in the East direction.
  8. The Drawing room of the house is kept in the North East direction.
  9. The living room is constructed in the North West direction.
  10. Puja room of the house is built in the North East direction.
  11. Underground tank for water is constructed in such a way that it acquires the North East direction.
  12. The boring for the tank is also done in the North East direction.
  13. The electric panel of the house is placed in the South East direction.
  14. The overhead tanks for the building are placed in South West direction.
  15. We place Marubrahmthan on the layout design to ensure there are no heavy structural elements or any cutouts obstructing the construction.

Apart from our absolute endeavour to give you safe, secure and prosperous homes, we also like to extend a few Vastu tips for home, for our valued patrons.You can follow these tips to further enhance the affluence of your beautiful abodes.


The Vastu Shastra is a spiritual way of living which literally translates into the “science of building”. It informs how to build a house in terms of the placement of rooms, which direction the house should face etc.


What are the benefits of following Vastu?

The various benefits of following the Vastu Shastra are:

  • Giving your home an aura of positivity that keeps out any negative energy
  • Ensuring you feel internal peace and calm when you enter your home
  • Using natural lighting, green plantations, and the five elements to promote a connection with the environment
  • Building earthquake-resistant homes 
  • Ensuring a de-cluttered space for an equally de-cluttered mind


The Entrance is Important

Keep the entrance of the house clean and beautiful to attract wealth and prosperity. A well-arranged, brightly lit and adorned entrance brings you smiles and happiness. Keep the main door of solid wood and it must have your nameplate. Avoid keeping shoe racks near the entrance, as they are believed to block the positive energy entering the home. Entrance plays a major role in all the important Vastu tips for the home.



The Wall for Wealth

Any wall near the entrance must never be left tasteless. A plane wall means loneliness and sadness. Decorate the wall with hangings, picture frames, or statues. You can also place the picture or statue of the God or Goddess you worship. The wall will represent the positive energies and happy vibes of the house. This one of the most important Vastu tips for home is often ignored, but it is extremely important to get the right energies in the house.


Bedroom EnergiesPramod Associates Vastu Tips (1)

A bedroom in the house is for good sleep. Without good sleep, the members of the family will not remain healthy. As per the Vastu tips for home, you must keep the bedrooms well lit with natural light during the day and ample lights at night until you go off to sleep. A bedroom must be able to receive fresh air, thus, it is important to keep the windows open for some time in the day. Keep the furniture in the bedroom minimal, and the colours on the walls should be soothing to attract calm energies.


Paintings on the Wall

Paintings form a vital part of Vastu tips for home. If you are keen on art then beautiful paintings for the walls in your house must be your pick. Scenic view of the river, flowing water, goldfish or a painting of the ship bring wealth into the home. The larger the size of the painting, the more positive the energies it attracts. At the same time, the paintings must be placed where they receive plenty of natural light.

Here are some quick tips by Pramod that help to enhance the energies in your home:


  • Placing a statue of Lord Kubera in the north direction of the house brings more job opportunities.
  • Hanging beautiful crystal chandelier in the living room helps to draw positive energy and brings abundance in life.
  • Placing a huge mirror facing a dining table that gives a reflection of the table doubles the food. This signifies abundance and wealth in the house.
  • The study desk or temple should not be kept under a beam in the house.
  • The clocks and watches in the house must be in the running state. Nonworking or stopped clocks and watches generate negative energy.
  • Running water-bodies kept in the house as decoration bring riches. As per Vastu, the water element is directly connected with prosperity.
  • Using construction material from an old building to build a new house is strictly prohibited in Vastu.
  • Keeping Mahalakshmi Rudraksha, right-hand (Dakshinavarti) Shankha, Cash Pyramid and Citrine Rock inside the cash box is good for wealth luck.
  • Dustbins should not be kept in the northeast corner of the house as it is considered to be the most sacred corner as per Vastu.
  • Placing a Vastu painting of Maitreya Buddha in a blessing pose on the east wall of the house brings healing benefits.
  • Placing a bowl containing Vastu salt near the study desk helps in maintaining positive energy around the study area.
  • Keeping a statue of the goddess Saraswati on the desk in the study room helps to stimulate the unconscious mind to make it more receptive to learning.
  • Extension of the house other than in the north-east direction is considered to be a Vastu defect and needs a strong Vastu correction.

Apart from these, it is very important as per Vastu practices that the house keeps getting a lot of fresh air. It brings in wealth and prosperity to the home. The construction should be such that there is no dearth of sunlight and natural air in the house. This is how you would be able to follow Vastu tips for home completely and effectively.

At Pramod, we are always eager to attend to your queries and provide you with the best of design and construction services.

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Established in 1984, Pramod Group is a Delhi based designer infrastructure and development company which is constructed on the foundation of building trust. It has been serving its customers with quality floors well over two decades.

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