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Modern House Design in East Delhi

In All Our Modern Housing Constructions,We Use Greens and Lighting in a Spectacular Way! Take a Look!

Modern house design in East Delhi

The key to modern house design in East Delhi today is interior décor. Designing your house with elements such as lighting and greens make it seem more spacious, well-lit and aesthetic. Thus, careful and meticulous planning around these elements is of the utmost importance when trying to achieve that sleek, modern look.


When building a house from scratch, incorporating things into the décor right at the planning process makes everything easier. This is where hiring an expert designer home construction company like Pramod comes in! We incorporate plants and lighting into the base-plans in a seamless manner to give your designer home the smooth finish it deserves!


Using plants and lighting as interior and exterior décor has always been a good idea. Both provide excellent illusions of space when implemented correctly. Including lighting and greens in the initial plans helps us to evaluate the possibilities and envision the end results.


With the looming threat of climate change and rising carbon emissions, living sustainably is a responsibility, not an option. And, over the last 35 years, we at Pramod’s have advocated the methods of sustainable living continuously. 


Building our designer homes in Delhi requires taking a lot from Mother Nature. It is our duty to give back in any way we can.


And this is precisely what we are trying to do with our Go Green Initiative!


Becoming environmentally friendly in all sectors of one’s life is an undeniably good thing. Whether this involves incorporating more natural lighting or using more sustainable energy methods like water harvesting or solar energy, we constantly try to give back to our environment in any way we know how!


And, using our Go Green initiative, we hope to raise awareness and further the idea of sustainable living in every designer home across Delhi!


Here is an insight on how we use lights and greens in the modern home designing processes to create the dream homes all our clients love.


We plan your central design around the plants and lights

When building a new designer house or any new space, you want everything to stand Modern House Design in East Delhi - Pramod Associates -02out. Whether it is a utility room or an outdoor patio, plants and lights need inclusion in your plans for that beautifully decked up and comfortable home.

We do not just build straight away and then realise that the design, the decor and the overall look is not appropriate. We plan, we design and we envision every element in place to make sure the end product is just what we wanted. We don’t let your posh modern house design in East Delhi look chaotic and unnatural! We understand the value of planning ahead and therefore ensure that the addition of greens and lights are perfected before mapping the rest of the construction.


We always put a thorough research

We do not just rely on our gut when it comes to modern housing designs. Getting into construction means thoroughly understanding what it is. Especially in an area like lighting and plants, we try multiple options. Our proficient interior designers and decor professionals who are experts in modern house design in East Delhi bring an edge that helps you to achieve your dreams. Rather than feeling overwhelmed at the options, we carefully evaluate what works and what does not.

We bring about the lighting in the rooms and spaces based on these three primary methods of lighting:

  • General lighting – to keep the areas well lit and lively
  • Accent lighting – to highlight specific areas or elements in the rooms
  • Task lighting – to provide lighting for specific tasks in the room such as study, kitchen or bedroom

At Pramod, we prioritise the best kind of lighting for each room. Wedo not want your lighting to clash with the mood or with the colours on your wall. Everything in your new modern house design in East Delhi needs to reflect comfort, functionality, and aesthetic value. Hiring Pramod’s interior designers and construction specialists ensure a perfect home that is completely functional and looks like a dream. Simply, because with our experts, everything is possible!


Add aesthetic value with careful choices

Just like your options for lighting, your options for plants are also manifold. They can go anywhere and do not have to clash with the room arrangements. In smaller spaces, to bring in the elements of green, we simply add sheet moss or natural green sand for a more sophisticated look. Especially pairing vibrant green sheet moss with darker greys or browns instantly ups your modern house design in East Delhi!

Colour coordination is something every home designer at Pramod is trained at. Achieving any kind of modern look requires a combination of aesthetic greens and lighting. For example, if you had the dark sheet moss on dark rocks in a dark corner; it would never work. Nobody can see it. On the contrary, if some exotic plants are placed near a utility cupboard or furniture piece with a suitable lighting arrangement around that corner, space enlivens immediately.

We adjust the lighting in such a way that decorated greens are always highlightedand are seen from anywhere in the room. This works even better when we build openings around that corner so that natural light accents it, that way cutting down the cost of electricity for you. Building aesthetic value requires careful choices like these. These are the selection the professional interior designers at Pramod are adept at creating while working on modern house designs in East Delhi.


We do not let aesthetic value come at the cost of functionality

What is the hallmark of modern house design in East Delhi if not functionality?Modern House Design in East Delhi - Pramod Associates -01 Houses that strive for this need of functionality and fulfil them so, are truly considered modern. Every space must be usable – thus, having too many decorated areas is not a good idea. This is where plants and lighting come in.

While deciding where you would like the plants and the kind of lighting you would ask for, ensuring that it does not interfere with the purpose of the space remains our top priority. If it does interfere, we make the suitable changes to keep the utility of the space at paramount! This is another area in which choice becomes important. You cannot put dim lighting in a reading room – it does not make sense. Putting a tree in the bathroom similarly is a bad idea and hinders functionality. The team at Pramod understands it all.

We believe that aesthetic value and functionality need to work together! Imagine how much better it is when you point out something beautiful in your new modern house design in East Delhi and prove it also has a proper function! That is sure to impress your guests far more than simply having something pretty. Lighting that can be adjusted according to the mood is just an example. You may want to start the night off with bright lights and then, as it goes on, dim the lighting. With Pramod’s lighting experts you can do that!

At Pramod, we understand why functionality should be given utmost importance. After all, when building a living space, the aim is eventually using it and hindering functionality automatically reduces usability. Our job is ensuring your space is optimised and perfectly usable. This is why our professional residential architects and designers to build your modern house design in East Delhi are highly recommended. We learn your vision and formulate a plan of execution.

Pramod provides a plethora of expert services in various fields related to designer homes construction. Our skilled and qualified modern construction team in East Delhi is highly competent and answers all your questions related to modern interior design and residential architecture.

Get in touch with us and turn your beautiful vision into a gorgeous reality! We apply our decades of experience to every designer home project we undertake, giving you the best of the best!

Pramod Group

Established in 1984, Pramod Group is a Delhi based designer infrastructure and development company which is constructed on the foundation of building trust. It has been serving its customers with quality floors well over two decades.

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