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The Outstanding Benefits of Owning a Turnkey Home

Own a home

Making a home sometimes involves building it from scratch. This is often a strenuous and challenging task for aspiring homeowners. Having all the right vendor contacts and being able to build everything within a budget to own dream home is not an easy task. The emotional and mental toll alone is worth accounting for.

The good news is, at Pramod, we have the perfect solution for you- the turnkey homes!


What are turnkey homes?

Gone are the days of worrying about furnishing, interior décor and architecture. With Pramod’s experienced TURNKEY HOMES - Pramod Associatesresidential architects, when you decide it is time to own a home, you can move right in! 

That is what turnkey homes are, after all.

We take the entire responsibility of planning, designing, building and decorating your home. We do it from start to finish before handing over the ready-to-move-in home to you. 

All you need is the key to your property, and you have your entire home sprawled before you, tastefully decorated and displaying exceptional architecture. The objective of our turnkey homes is ensuring you do not have to work at all before and after moving in. All renovations and reparations are done before your ownership. This way, you can focus on more important things like settling in and enjoying your home.


What are the benefits of owning a turnkey home?

Pramod prioritises client’s comfort over everything else. Sticking to Vastu principles for a positive home environment, we give you homes that are comfortable and require minimal effort. Not only that, we build homes that comply with environmentally friendly ideas and incorporate organic elements to provide you with a healthy living throughout. 

We listen to the client who wants to own a home of their dreams, and they have a vision about it. Once we understand the idea, we work on all the specifications aligned to it.

Apart from the absolute contentment for you, other practical benefits are listed below:


The Price is Fixed

Possibly the most significant advantage a turnkey home has is a fixed price. Since every single inclusion, exterior and interior, are accounted for in the overall cost of the house, when you decide to own a home from a turnkey project, it comes at a specific, unchanging price.

Our turnkey homes are highly tuned to the specified budget. We work within a mutually settled cost. 

External costs include all the site costs such as necessary earthworks, connections to power, water, sewage, gas etc. Internal costs include flooring, painting, window blinds, sustainability compliances, nature greens for organic living, furniture and curtains etc.

This greatly alleviates any stress about hidden extra costs that could plague your home once our residential architects finish up. When you own a home, you should experience zero anxiety about any aspect falling apart. Therefore, we ensure nothing does. Working within a set budget, we complete our projects in the necessary time frame so that you get the house of your dreams!


Hassle-free Luxury Living

At Pramod, every property that our residential architects design, reflects our belief in utmost sophistication. YouFREE LUXURY LIVING deserve luxurious and elegant living, and our turnkey solutions reflect just that.

The generous spaces, every corner designed with finesse and the maximisation of space through innovative structuring are the hallmarks at Pramod. We make sure your turnkey home is a product of strategic planning and execution to create a magnificent epitome of design and architectural blends. We also make sure you move into a home that reflects eco-friendly living. 

Therefore, if you are planning to own a home, our turnkey solutions are ideal for you. Especially as a new homeowner daunted by the prospect of buying a house, you may not know where to begin. This is why we step in and take the reins. After all, what you want is to own a home and we want to assure you do it in the most relaxed way.

By putting your home in our highly qualified hands, you guarantee a home fit for all yours and your family’s individual needs.


Leaving the Space for Your Personal Touch

Many people consider neutral backgrounds boring versus adding a splash of colour to their homes. However, this completely disregards the true versatility of a neutral experience.

Rather than making the wall a bright colour, placing a bright object before a neutral white or beige background draws the gaze to the object. E.g. if you are someone who paints very colourful pictures, hanging these on a bright blue wall may not draw attention to the paintings. On the other hand, mounting them against a white backdrop truly brings the art to the forefront, making it pop.

If you are a collector of colourful vases, an owner of bright furniture or have any other similar things, using a neutral background is beneficial. Neutrality helps to bring out your taste and leaves apace for what makes a home quintessentially yours.

At Pramod, we make our turnkey homes incorporating more neutral aspects, making room for your ideation, so it is ultimately yours for tailoring when you own a home

There are several reasons turnkey homes are gaining in popularity. While the reasons we have listed are only a few, they majorly explain why turnkey homes are so attractive. Digging a little deeper, it is no surprise that homes commanding less maintenance have the edge over other cheaper options. While incorporating more aesthetics, Vastu and natural elements, these homes come as ready package for you. Even if you need after-care or maintenance support, we are here for you.

This is why turnkey homes are also popular choices among busy business owners and even couples looking to own a home who already have a child. With a child around, unpacking can be a huge task. Turnkey homes are the perfect solution to that!

At Pramod, we specialise in turnkey homes meant for visionary homeowners. With over 35 years of experience as India’s leading residential architects, we consider it our job to deliver excellence at every turn, which includes turnkey projects. Our homes find the balance between your vision and or execution. We make sure; when you own a home, it must be the result of a symbiotic relationship that works perfectly well for both the ends and fulfils our brand promise too. 


Following Vastu principles, using sustainable architecture and incorporating greens to make homes more organic and natural, we build you turnkey homes flooded with positive energy for a content present and flourishing future!

Pramod Group

Established in 1984, Pramod Group is a Delhi based designer infrastructure and development company which is constructed on the foundation of building trust. It has been serving its customers with quality floors well over two decades.

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