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Established in 1984, Pramod Associates is a Delhi based designer infrastructure and development company which is constructed on the foundation of building trust.


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We Help You Settle in Your Home with A-Z Feat of After Sales Service!

Many companies make the mistake of assuming that their relationship with the customer ends as soon as they make the sale. While it is true that getting a client to trust you enough to buy your services, there is so much more to a business’ relationship with the client.

After all, word of mouth is one of the best ways a company’s reputation builds. We at Pramod Group are completely aware of that. Our seasoned designer home developers in Delhi specialise in building the house of your dreams and furnishing it ideally for your taste. Your home reflects who you are, and we understand that. We want all our clients to feel like their homes are who they are.

That is not all we provide. We also understand the importance of forging relationships with our clients. Every family we serve deserves the best. And they can only experience the best after the construction, and interior décor is done. This translates to high-quality after-sales service that we provide to our prestigious clients after we hand them over the keys to their homes.

The after-sales service that forms one of the sturdiest pillars of our home designing endeavours is an A-Z feat. We have laid down these services with a vision. Our customers should never feel a need to approach the outside vendors or maintenance personnel for any needs within their homes. The trained staff at the helm of Pramod is always at their service to offer in-house maintenance support and other services. We also ensure the smooth flow of every task in hand, accompanied by client feedback for further implementation.

Here are a few ways in which we render the A-Z after-sales services to our clients:

When You Choose Us, We Make You a Part of the Pramod Family

We choose to think of you as our family rather than just clients. We have always found that “client” is too alienating and modest a term for the relationship we share. The deep bonds of trust forged during the construction and décor process need to be honoured with the appropriate titles. This is why our clients become a part of the Pramod family forever.

This also ensures that we have a relationship based on mutual respect – something fundamental in every family. We reflect this respect in the small ceremonies when we handover keys. After all, when you move into your very own designer home in Delhi, you should get to celebrate every step of the way. So we sweeten occasion by giving them sweet boxes and souvenirs along with the keys and necessary documents.

The First Year Perks That We Offer

The first year after the handover is when the family gets used to their new home. And we want this process to be as simple as possible. Thus, we provide maintenance support for a full year after the handover.

Furthermore, under the home’s warranty, we also cover the services like electrician, plumber, carpenter, construction Issues, and coordination for equipment.

Assistance continues being available for them after the first year is up. We levy only necessary charges for technicians and products. Meanwhile, our advisory is always free. We also ensure that any support you request, you get within 48 hours.

Our comprehensive CRM always records the queries and client communication that we continually refer to enhance the services further. Our representatives are working round the clock so that you have the minimum-possible waiting time before they address your query.

Our CRM team representatives are completely trained for any job that is required at the premises. Additionally, we outsource the industry experts and professionals whenever needed for a particularly demanding situation. This way, we are continually focusing on every single problem in your home, ensuring that none of the work drastically affects your home during delicate matters. E.g. while fixing water pipes, we avoid any unnecessary drilling, thereby causing you the least inconvenience.

We Emphasise on the Importance of Being Connected

We understand that moving into a new home can be challenging. Yes, you trusted us with your designer home in Delhi and we delivered. But we also included a lot of modern technology. Even if you wanted a home that looked like it was straight out of the Raj, we still put a modern twist in it.

Modern designs are the hallmark of all our turnkey homes. However, if this is something you are not used to, it can be confusing. Well, not to worry! After-sales service teams are so crucial for this very reason. You need to know everything about your home when you move into it. Only then does it truly feel like home. And our team is here to help you achieve that exact feeling!

We always have supervisors and technical support persons on call to resolve any queries you may have. If we cannot fix it, then we use other connections and bring in highly trained professionals to tackle any problem you have. Complete hygiene, cleanliness and the work process experience are of paramount importance to keep Pramod’s family connected, and that is what we strive for. After all, if you cannot depend on your family to show up in grave times, who else can you depend on?

We Enable Communication to Make Your Experience Comfortable

Apart from a rapid response team and easy accessibility of after-sales services – our focus right is on the process of creating a system for more accessible communication. We primarily do this by asking our clients to fill a Google Form online requesting any support.

We then thoroughly follow-up with them and provide the fastest and most efficient resolutions. The best part about this is that there is no need for our clients to lift a finger and move. The second they require help, we send one of our highly qualified representatives to look into the problem they have. Additionally, we follow-up on the resolutions too. Our CRM team is trained to consistently follow-up on you so we can ensurethat there is no possibility of the problem reappearing. Therefore, we monitor the situation closely, thereby putting you and your family’s satisfaction in focus.

The bottom line is that the designer home developers at Pramod Group understand the need for a comprehensive after-sales support team. The homes we create need to be lived in, and we ensure they are the best that you can have. We always treat new clients as new family members. When you join a family, it is the job of the existing to make you comfortable. The same way, it is our job to ensure you are comfortable in your new home and this is all our expert team strives towards.

Pramod Group

Established in 1984, Pramod Group is a Delhi based designer infrastructure and development company which is constructed on the foundation of building trust. It has been serving its customers with quality floors well over two decades.

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