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10 reasons why to move into a new home in 2022

Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Move to a New Home in 2022.

The New Year marks the beginnings of light, hope, joy and excitement into our lives. And in 2022, we have more reasons to celebrate as we are successfully leaving the pandemic behind us and embracing the normalcy that we all have missed. On this note! How about adding some grandeur into your lives this festive season? How about bringing about a change so spectacular that it will stay with you your entire lifetime and transform the way you live every day? How about buying an ultra-luxury home as a gift to yourself and your family and celebrating your togetherness, bonding and the warmth you share.


Pramod Group has introduced its Nadora homes, where magnificence blends in perfectly with luxury and presents a splendor fit for royalty. Beautiful homes await you at Nadora. The sheer definition of class and elegance is now within your reach. If you are still wondering whether you should go ahead and move into a Nadora home now, we give you 10 convincing reasons here on why you should. As we say at the Pramod Group, no time is better than now.



Nadora Homes: A gift for your lifetime by Pramod Group.



10 reasons why you should buy a new home in 2022:


1. Developers announce their best projects during this time.

Similar to home buyers, real estate developers also consider new year as highly auspicious. They announce their most ambitious and magnificent projects during this time to make the most out of the good times. When you time your purchase to match the developer’s announcement, you get the best home in the city, complete with top luxury home designs and furnishing.


This is exactly what we did with our Nadora homes at the Pramod Group. We timed one of our best projects during the festive season because we believe in the auspiciousness of these times to provide you the world-class luxury homes.


2. More space for your home office.

Economic and financing reasons aside, some of us just need a new home to fit in our modern working culture. The pandemic shut our offices and sent our work to our homes that were designed for everything but work. We had to occupy our bedrooms or the dining table while our family found it difficult to live their lives around us. This routine, 24X7, does not bring in happy vibes.


Nadora homes by the Pramod Group are well designed & structured, just like all our other projects. And both the interiors and exteriors are straight out of a breathtaking picture. We strive to make our apartments sprawling so that everyone in the family gets their deserved space. This festive season, you can buy a luxury home to finally have a dedicated work-from-home space and let peace reign in your ultra-luxury household.


Nadora homes by Pramod Group

Nadora Homes by Pramod Group

3. Real estate prices at their lowest.

The pandemic pushed down the real estate prices in 2020 and the effects are still continuing. If you buy a luxury home today, it will cost you way less than what it used to a couple of years ago. Going forward, estimates say that home prices are about to go up again when the economy recovers from the pandemic.


Home prices this festive season are at their lowest and you can benefit from the pandemic-induced market fluctuation to buy a spectacular home.



Pro tips to look out for before finalising a developer for your new home:


  • The best way to start looking is to ask your friends and family about the developers they trust.
  • Take your search online next and look for top luxury home builders in East Delhi.
  • Inspect the project’s location, design, space, amenities.
  • But above all, research the developer – their reputation in the market and experience in building homes.
  • Contact the developer directly to better understand their modern house designs and plans.
  • Explore any scope of personalization.


You can tick all the right boxes with the Pramod Group.


4. Best form of investment.

If you are finance-savvy and always look for lucrative investment opportunities, the real estate market now is the best channel. The stock market is highly volatile. The bond market is also offering low yields. The real estate market, on the other hand, is pegged to thrive in the future while the prices remain at their low points now. You must buy a home now that will become a great investment because all other paths are quite unstable.


Even making a sizeable down payment on your modern beautiful homes is a good way to beat inflation. Saving that same amount in the bank will diminish its value in the coming years while parking it in a splendid home will fetch you greater returns.


Nadora homes by Pramod Group

Nadora Homes by Pramod Group



5. Home loan interest rates are at an all-time low as well.

The RBI’s response to the economic deterioration caused by the pandemic was to slash interest rates. That took the home loan interest rate to its 15-year low. Speaking simply, taking a home loan now will cost you less in interest payments. If you opt for fixed interest payments, you will pay this low rate for the next 20 years of your home loan, even if the interest rate rises in the coming years.


RBI took the measure to stimulate the economy – to encourage people to buy the home of their dreams. Keep in mind it only pans out well if you take advantage of the home loan benefits this festive season and buy one of the best ultra-luxurious sustainable homes.



6. You’ll pay less tax and save money.

You can deduct the interest you pay on your mortgage from your taxable income. New homeowners with recent home loans tend to get the greatest tax benefit. The newer the mortgage, the higher the interest payment each month that means greater tax breaks. Real estate taxes are deductible, providing great benefits to the homeowner. Homeowners often find that owning a home costs substantially less than renting a home.


We invest in assets as we believe that they will bring us good fortune going ahead. And what better investment can you make other than buying a luxury home in East Delhi that will not only radiate your luxurious taste but also add the element of magnificence into your lives.


A better living space always improves your life. When you move into a new home during the festive season, you carry the aura of positivity with you into your home. Good fortune is bound to follow when you are all set to transform your way of life to royally with a truly luxurious abode.



7. A perfect gift for your family.

The pandemic has been a difficult phase for all of us. Along with dealing with the threat of the disease, all of us were stuck in our houses, confined to the same space with nothing better to do. Difficult times deserve a happy follow-up and an investment in a home with luxury home designs can be that perfect gift that your family needs this festive season.


A luxurious home can bring a change of environment for all of you. The picturesque interiors dotted with pleasing decor items can bring a sense of calm into your lives. Pramod Group’s Nadora homes are the perfect gifts for your family. Our carefully curated luxury home designs bring in aesthetics that keep you internally happy, as a family.


Nadora Homes by Pramod Group

Nadora Homes by Pramod Group


8. Staying in a rented home does not make sense.

The economic situation of the COVID-19 pandemic also brought to light multiple eviction stories. A rented place is ultimately not yours and the authority fully rests with the landlord. If he/she lands in a tough situation, you stand the chance of losing your home. And that is not a situation anyone wants to find themselves in at any time.


This festive season is the golden time to bid farewell to your rented house. This is the time when you can start owning your own luxury home. No one can evict you from your home and you can design it in any way you want. When you buy one of the premium homes in Delhi, you get your own personal space filled with a sense of security and pride.


9. Secure larger homes for the same price.

Because this festive season coincides with low real estate market prices, you can actually buy larger luxury homes for the same price. You can buy a sprawling space where your dream chandelier will not look out of place or the Grand Piano will feel like a decor item. Any other time, real estate prices may rise and you might have to settle for a smaller space where the scope is grandeur is limited.


So, invest in spacious ultra-luxury beautiful homes now to finally have that decorated foyer. Get that classy living room adorned with statement pieces or the lux bedroom that radiates royalty. The Pramod Group has designed its Nadora homes exactly on these lines. You buy a massive space complete with ultra-luxury home designs, skylight, contemporary urban finishing and more.



10. A citadel of your success

The luxury home you buy this festive season can paint your success story. You have survived the uncertain economic conditions of the COVID-19 pandemic. As a family, you might have dealt with loss and risen above it. You have worked hard to get to where you are now and made a lot of personal sacrifices for the bigger picture.


This festive season, you can finally paint that bigger picture. You can buy a luxury home in East Delhi as a citadel to your success. It can show how long you have come and how grand have things become for you. Pramod Group’s Nadora homes are a perfect fit. They are a luxurious celebration of your uprising and a statement of your thriving phase. We feel that self-appreciation should be your biggest reason to buy an ultra-luxury home this festive season.


Nadora Homes by Pramod Group

Nadora Homes by Pramod Group


Pick the best luxury home designer


Yes, you need a luxury home designer, not only a developer. You need your new home to be creatively engineered, not mathematically constructed. For this, you cannot just pick a random developer working on a random project. You need the best in the industry who constructs homes, not houses.


We have been building beautiful luxury homes for the last 37 years, since 1984 and have already made 1,100+ families happy. We work with the best team of designers and engineers in the industry to deliver elegance and luxury into your homes along with keeping sustainability in our minds. Our Nadora project, specifically, deserves a special look. We are pouring all our expertise to deliver you the home of your dreams that you and your family will eternally cherish.

Pramod Group

Established in 1984, Pramod Group is a Delhi based designer infrastructure and development company which is constructed on the foundation of building trust. It has been serving its customers with quality floors well over two decades.

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