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Established in 1984, Pramod Associates is a Delhi based designer infrastructure and development company which is constructed on the foundation of building trust.


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Nadora Homes: A gift for your lifetime

Nadora: A gift for your lifetime.

At Nadora homes, luxury, style and supreme comfort are not privileges, they are a way of life.


To be the owner of a Nadora home is to truly appreciate its intrinsic attributes – uncompromised quality, unparalleled aesthetics and class. And, of course, a modern, sustainable living that complies with the ancient principles of Vastu.


We believe that nothing is more premium than quality that is why we pursue it passionately. Global standards of construction practices, intelligent space management to ensure lavish volumes and scales, unhindered natural light, and an elevation to match it all, nothing is left to chance.


Nadora Homes Interiors

Nadora fostered & set in motion by Ritu Gupta who invests herself at both the micro and macro levels to ensure the highest quality at every stage of construction and interior designing & an absolute understanding of interior trends result in a home that combines classic elements with contemporary mores for a timeless appeal.


Our founder Mr. Vivek Gupta’s discerning taste in the finest materials who deeply reinforced Nadora had a penchant for including latest innovations that added to the comfort level & his keen eye for striking harmony among the disparate features, textures and hues ensured that a stunningly coherent environment is achieved.


His words of wisdom & vision drive us every day to create homes that are filled with luxury, supreme in comfort & rich in elegance. Basically not just building a home but a way of life.


Nadora Homes: A gift for your lifetime



A Nadora home is a treat to all senses – it is an elevating experience for the body, mind and the consciousness. Its inspired interiors combine a global aesthetic with quintessential Indian ethos, customised to cater to your every desire and aspiration.


Each home is a design story told through the most enchanting elements – a diverse material palette, luxe finishes and nuanced detailing – all blended together with an unerring balanced hand in the lavish home décor.


Like all Pramod Group verticals, environmentally conscious design is at the core of Nadora also. From incorporating natural light and greenery into the modern luxury homes to employing energy-efficient and rain water harvesting systems in the planning, the homes ensure a sustainable living & an eco-friendly life.


Nadora Homes Interiors

We pride ourselves on ethical construction with utmost respect to environment, as well as clean and transparent business transactions.


With this solemn promise from us, you become the proud owner of an exquisitely designed luxury home in the most smooth and seamless manner. We endeavor to make every process a beautiful experience for you.


A Nadora luxury home is a gift for a life time. It comes beautifully packaged with precious moments concealed inside, for you to cherish all your life… and then pass it on to the next generation like a rare heirloom.

Nadora: A gift for your lifetime.




Pramod Group

Established in 1984, Pramod Group is a Delhi based designer infrastructure and development company which is constructed on the foundation of building trust. It has been serving its customers with quality floors well over two decades.

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