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Modern Home Design in East Delhi

Water Harvesting and Other Techniques We use in Homes for Future

Modern Home Design in East Delhi

Water Harvesting is one of the best ways of conserving the environment because it creates a water source without depleting the groundwater. After all, it is no secret that the underground water table is running very low. 


This is why we need water harvesting. 

Water harvesting is what we incorporate into all our designer homes in East Delhi. We build homes with a catchment on the roof. This drainable catchment prevents rain from washing off the roof, instead directing it into a pipe which goes into the underground treatment plant. Here the rainwater is treated and made reusable for the entire household!


There are several ways of improving your modern home design in East Delhi. One of the best up-and-coming ways is becoming more environment-friendly with your designs. A requirement for this is a residential architect who understands your needs and builds your gorgeous new home accordingly!


At Pramod Group, our residential architects believe that creating a natural and sustainable environment is where your house and you thrive. Making your house greener not only cleans the air you breathe but also gives a feeling of more space. This means that making your house and lifestyle sustainable also serves aesthetic purposes!


We ensure our modern home design in  East Delhi is rife with sustainable living. And a large part of this depends on reusing rainwater. Rainwater harvesting has become one of the best additions to modern homes.


What is water harvesting?

Water harvesting refers to catching the rain when it falls and sending it modern home design in East Delhiunderground into a filter, after which it becomes usable water for a household. It is one of the most sustainable modes of living, providing water all-year-round for a family.

While rainwater harvesting adds the environment-friendly factor to your house, it isn’t a new concept. The construction of cisterns used for rainwater storage can be traced back to the Neolithic period. By the late 4000 BCE, cisterns were a staple for water storage. And this ancient method is still used today!

And with good reason. Sustainable living is the hallmark of modern home design in East Delhi and you need an architect who understands that. This is why we build our homes with sustainability in mind. And the best part? Rainwater harvesting only changes your roof a little bit. Other than that, everything remains the same! The overall aesthetic of your house does not change at all!

Still not convinced? That’s alright. We have listed five important factors that fully explain why it is perfect for every modern home design in East Delhi!


What are the benefits?

There are several benefits for you apart from helping the environment:

  • You no longer worry about flooding and erosion due to rains
  • You save water and, therefore, money
  • You do not depend on groundwater
  • You can use rainwater as every water source


Say Goodbye to Flooding and Erosion

Instead of allowing the water to run off freely, harvesting it collects it, preventing flooding. This means that areas in and around your house no longer get waterlogged from rains. Preventing flooding automatically prevents erosion of land.

In addition to having plants which hold the soil in place, including water harvesting in our modern home design in East Delhi gives you the double advantage of no soil eroding. This is especially since rainwater isn’t corrosive by nature. Therefore, it cannot naturally erode land unless the soil is not being held together.


Save Water, Save Money

You know how there is that monthly water bill you need to pay. With rainwater harvesting, you no longer have to worry about that! Including water harvesting in your building plan gives you water for free since you’re reusing nature! It’s the perfect system!

Our architects analyse the space given for construction, deciding the best, most economical ways of building. This includes rainwater harvesting now since that saves both water and money! You are literally saving rainwater, which prevents buying more water! With Mother Nature’s help, our modern home design in East Delhi remains sustainable and ideal for your needs!


You No Longer Depend On Groundwater

This is one of the main reasons to make the switch to rainwater harvesting. Years of using groundwater whether for household or agricultural needs have greatly depleted the water table. The problem is we have come to rely on this very water table so much as species.

Building borewells and other such structures use up groundwater, stripping the ground of moisture and eventually leaving it dry. Dryland with no moisture means you no longer have the option for that gorgeous backyard garden. And you no longer can grow a little vegetable patch.

Including a water harvesting system in your modern home design in East Delhi removes this impediment. The ground remains as it is and is perfectly viable for your needs. Meanwhile, your main water source comes from the skies. With this in mind, we give you the water harvesting system fit for your cultivation needs while protecting the groundwater.

At Pramod, we understand the importance of groundwater and therefore don’t dig deeper wells. Instead, we go with the environment-friendly and sustainable method that does not strip the ground of its moisture!


Rainwater Becomes Every Water Source

While making rainwater drinkable is surely the greatest feat, this is not to say your other water needs to come from the ground. Instead, for bathing, brushing your teeth, washing, and any other reason, rainwater is perfect.

The amount of water we use on a day-to-day basis for our various needs is a major reason for a water harvester. This comes back to the point about using groundwater. Using rainwater instead reduces the stress placed on the earth by giving you water for all your needs from the skies!

With this versatility of rainwater in mind, our modern home design in East Delhi gives you a harvester befitting your needs. We know the amount of water needed daily and plan accordingly. This way, you always have water, even in dry seasons!


Clean Water for Gorgeous Gardens

The aesthetic value of a backyard garden is undeniable. Having a garden in themodern home design in East Delhi backyard is a staple of modern home design in East Delhi and with rainwater harvesting, you get gorgeous gardens with ease!

Including a harvester in your plan gives you clean, uncontaminated water which flushes out the salt build-up from plants and soil. Using our water harvesting, therefore, makes your plants and trees clean and healthy while letting you save money on overall property maintenance and landscaping since no man-made chemicals affect your land!

Pramod Group specialises in modern home design in East East Delhi, with emphasis on sustainable living. Along with water harvesting, we have several techniques through which we make your environment better. We believe that positive energy in your environment translates to the positive energy in your life! Producing reliable architects for the last 35 years, our planning process involves you so that you understand exactly the kind of space you’re working with!

Pramod Group

Established in 1984, Pramod Group is a Delhi based designer infrastructure and development company which is constructed on the foundation of building trust. It has been serving its customers with quality floors well over two decades.

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