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Tips for first time home buyers

We work hard to achieve many milestones in our lives, be it in career, get settled, married, or buy our first home. It is fulfilling to have your own home. Simultaneously, it can be quite nerve-wracking to make such a considerable investment in a property.


At Pramod Group, we understand what you need. From a high standard of quality to state-of-the-art technology, we don’t leave any stone unturned in the process of constructing your dream luxury homes in Delhi.


When you plan to buy a home for the first time in your life, there are many things you need to consider. As a first-time home buyer, you might get excited and tempted to make an impulsive purchase. It could result in disturbing your financial goals.


While buying your first home, you need to do your research and deeply analyze every detail. Our team of qualified professionals fulfills all your requirements. This article will discuss all the points you need to keep in mind while looking for a home that meets your requirements and completely fits into your budget.

Requirements for your dream home


Today, many good real estate agents will give you compelling offers for a house. However, before making any decision, you must make sure that the home you are looking to buy fits the space requirements as per usage. If you are purchasing more space than necessary, it cannot be suitable for your finances and future financial situation.


  1. Type of home: There are many types of homes available these days; a flat or apartment in a society or separately, a double-story, and a single-story home. According to your needs, you must decide upon the type of house you want to buy. At Pramod Group, we specialize in building luxury homes and ensure that everyone has their dream houses.
  2. Space: Discuss with your family before making any decision. If you will have parents living with you and your children, how much space would you require? If you want an extra room for storage purposes or any other possibility that may arise in the future.
  3. Amenities: Consider your need for amenities such as a gym, pool, etc. Amenities are additional benefits that make your stay in a particular are more enjoyable and convenient. A home equipped with essential amenities is attractive, but it comes at a high price. What amenities should you consider? If you have children, then a playground, pool, or games room is essential. A gym for your exercise routines, and if you live with your parents, then you might require a garden where they can socialize with other people and relax.
  4. Location: A right place can be different for various people, but the objective is to find a house that fulfills your personal needs and preferences. Here are the key factors you must look out for while deciding the location of your new home:
    • Close to office and school: Buying a home far from work and school makes no sense. Your house’s area largely depends on the time it takes to reach the office and to school. Proximity to these places is beneficial for any individual; it saves time and money.
    • Good hospitals nearby: The future is exceptionally uncertain, and in case of emergency, you don’t want to be waiting for an hour for an ambulance to reach you. It is essential to have a good hospital nearby, so you can get it checked even if there is any small health issue.
    • Good connectivity: This aspect of location is vital. Connectivity ensures that essential places are nearby. Metro connectivity so that you can travel easily by using public transport. Commuting is a vital aspect to consider, be it for work, school, entertainment, and other things.
    • Markets: No one wants to live in a secluded place, and the nearest market is an hour away. Requirements like vegetable market, kitchen essentials, grocery stores, and shopping for necessities are essential to fulfill daily. All required needs should be nearby.
    • Neighborhood: What is a good neighborhood? The location of your house should be safe and secure. Look out for its appearances like greenery and landscape. Ensure that it’s safe for kids and everyone else.
  5. Security: It is essential to consider the safety of your new home provides. Security is essential in the neighborhood, but you should confirm that the home also provides protection. You can add a security camera or security alarms in your home to ensure no potential risk.
  6. Consider Vastu: Vastu is an essential consideration, and first-time homebuyers must ensure that their home is Vastu-friendly. In real estate, the Vastu is considered before flats and residences are planned. At Pramod Group, we build homes according to Vastu to ensure health, wealth, and prosperity. Vastu helps us determine the layouts and directions for the facing of the house, sleeping directions, bedroom direction, cross ventilation, and much more that benefits the health of the home and the people who live in it. We offer:
    • Vastu consultation
    • One-on-One session on Vastu
    • Provide effective Vastu solutions
  7. Space planning: It is an essential element of interior design. While looking for a home, you must be satisfied with space planning. An ideal dream house is one that provides much space and utilizes the space smartly. The house’s space plan determines the circulation patterns that show how people will move through the house. At Pramod luxury homes, we endeavor to create spacious homes that display the house’s style and grandeur. We customize the space according to the residents’ needs while keeping the functional requirements of the building in mind.

Plan a budget for the home


Buying your first home can be exciting, but it brings much confusion as well. After you decide how much space you need and what type of house you want to buy, you must focus on how much you can spend on everything. While making a budget for your home, there are many factors that you must consider.


Purchasing a new home is an expensive affair. So you must study and research about the property. Your financial stability and considerations help you determine the most affordable choice for you.


If you are taking a home loan, make sure you don’t just spend it buying your home. Purchasing is just the initial step; after that, there is the interior to consider, furniture, and many such things.

Tips for first-time home buyers


  • Consult the right real estate agent: Home prices depend on the area, the additional amenities, and the open space of the property. A reputed builder will help you buy the right house. At Pramod Group, we strive to provide our customers with their dream luxury homes in Delhi. We make sure to keep all your requirements in mind before we show you properties.
  • Take consultation from family, friends, and neighborhood: Asking for the second opinion is never a bad option. Consult your family and friends, in case anyone bought a home themselves. You might end up getting a bit of good advice.
  • Consider the time of possession and project delivery: Another factor you need to focus on is the time of possession. At Pramod Group, we fulfill our promise to our customers of timely possession. You can buy the house in the construction phase and make payments in parts. Promod Group has legitimate approvals, certificates, and licenses needed to start a construction process.
  • Take a look at your finances and credit availability: There are many financing options available when purchasing a house. Getting a loan is one of the most critical steps. You have to research and analyze the property’s financial perks; afterall, you will be investing your hard-earned money in it. You should ensure that getting a loan is best for your financial stability.
  • Look out for government benefits: You must monitor government taxes, services, and interest rates and policies. There are many government benefits that you can get while buying a house. Look out for the best government plans and schemes. You can get Income Tax benefits under several government policies, so do your research or ask areal estate agent. Discuss with your financial planners as well.


Buying your first home is a significant milestone in your life. There is a lot of research and patience required in this process. In the end, all this hard work will be worth it. You will invest your hard-earned money in a house that should be able to fulfill your requirements, and it is a lifelong commitment.


So, take time and choose wisely for these lifetime home investments. We hope this article has helped you to understand the essential aspects of first-home buying.

Pramod Group

Established in 1984, Pramod Group is a Delhi based designer infrastructure and development company which is constructed on the foundation of building trust. It has been serving its customers with quality floors well over two decades.

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