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7 Tips to Perk-up Your Modern Luxury House Design

Being at home during the lockdown has got all of us wanting to change a few things in our home. We look forward to sharing some ideas straight from our luxury experts to perk up your home.

There is a wide range of home decor options available online that you can choose from and bring the desired changes. With the world going digital, online shopping is becoming inherent to our daily lives. The safety afforded by online shopping is making it central for luxury home designers too, to explore the possibilities online for modern home decoration. With the home becoming the epicentre of work and play, the decor needs to adapt accordingly. Your decoration needs to reflect the environment you want to create.

For the modern luxury house design you aspire, here are a few tips for you to explore and implement in your home.

1. Go Green and Add Natural Elements to Your Modern Home Design

At Pramod Group, we believe in building homes infused with positive energy by adhering to Going Green principles. Several factors can enhance your existing living. Plants purify the air while being soothing and relaxing to the senses and energising the whole environment. Sipping at a cup of tea looking at the greens, calms the mind at all times. You can choose from a variety of air-purifying plants like Peace Lily, Philodendron, Chrysanthemums and more. These are extremely beautiful and consoling to look at and very easy to maintain at the same time.

As Karthikeyan V said, “A passionate look, touch or a hug on a plant is enough to open your inner eyes than going for a serious yoga and other expensive therapies.”

However, you must avoid thorny plants which bring negative energy and bonsai, which can hamper growth.

2. Let the Artist in You Pronounce Itself with the Paintings Galore

When you want to add a dash of colour, pick a colourful painting. Choose a style that suits your artistic bend – abstract, flowers, gods, or anything that leaves an impression on your senses. Important is to go with your instincts.

Vital tip – pick a painting that exhilarates positivity.

As per manifestation, a picture we look at several times in the day creates the mindset in the same direction. You can use paintings along plants to balance your house’s rhythm. Pick landscapes or sceneries with soft colours that depict birth and flourishing of nature for the most positive energies. Additionally, using mirrors facing north or east, placed five feet above the ground, attracts the positivity you deserve.

3. For a Wholesome Decoration Add Vastu and Feng Shui Elements

Incorporating a water feature to your home décor is always a good idea. Use a synthetic fountain or water-filled vessel with flower petals in addition to various feng shui animals.  Frog is believed to attract prosperity, and the tortoise protects you against bad fortune and keeps your energies stable. When you place a water element, ensure that the water flows towards the north, east, or north-east along with the correct placement of feng shui elements gives your Vastu the necessary boost for affirmed positivity.

Several other elements come together to achieve the Vastu compliance. We are always at our best foot to help you with any ideas that you need.

4. Be the Imaginative Luxury Home Designer and Work the Magic of Colours

Colours and lights add magical aesthetics to a place. To enhance the scheme a little more, use blue curtains placed on the north side of the house, which absorb negativity. Along with the curtains, investing in soft lighting that creates a positive and peaceful space is going to make your home décor comfortable, cosy and mood-elevating. A set of colourful cushions, floor throw or rug enhance a living room, dining area, or bedroom just in seconds. You can always get the ones which go with the theme of your room, either in vibrant or pastel colours.

Similarly, a fur rug is an excellent addition for the dressing area or the bedside. You are always at the liberty to enjoy the luxuries of colour and softness in various shapes and forms. Along with the colourful ambience, a lamp softens the mood of the room anytime.  As long as the occurrence of large shadows is out of line, using lamps, candles, natural fires or promoting natural light is always a welcome idea.

5. De-cluttering is a Therapy – Did You Try?

While Vastu elements are essential, personalising your home, so it doubles as a workspace is necessary too. This must start with de-cluttering. Give up on the unnecessary stuff that is just taking up space. Be it the old worn-out furniture or the discarded, outgrown apparels in your wardrobe. De-cluttering has immediate therapeutic effects, and it ensures positivity in the space and on the senses. It brings about a cheerful environment in the house too. You can use the newly emptied space for better purposes to design and redecorate.

6.  Additions, Rearrangements, and Re-centering Your Energy

Adding modern home design elements like artistic cushions, planters, candle stands, lamps, rugs etc. ensure that your home reflects your taste better. It also reignites your house with life and gives it novelty during a time when you are forced to stay indoors and look at it every day.

Additionally, you can also rearrange your furniture and recentre your energy. Seeing the same layout every day can be very dull. If you are wondering how the sofa would look in a different position or if rotating the coffee table is a good idea, do it. Do not hesitate to try new things. Reorient furniture, make a place for that sculpture you discovered online and ardently wanted to buy.  Change the location of plants, redo dusty corners, place artefacts in the ignored areas – all these changes can be therapeutic and help clear your mind and make you feel better during such a period of mental exhaustion.

7. A DIY Sparkle – Homemade Bandhanwar for Diwali

Also called a Toran, a Bandanwar is an ornamental door hanging traditionally crafted with marigold and leaves. It marks auspicious events and festivals, sprucing up the home with a touch of colour. With Diwali right around the corner, accessorising your home with a Bandhanwar may be just what you need!

Instead of buying one online, the luxury home designer at Pramod suggests why not make a Bandhanwar this Diwali? DIY Bandahnwars have always been popular, and now you can turn this craft session into a family activity! You can also create pretty-looking button diyas to enhance the look of your home.

  • Make your Bandhanwar out of waste materials like leftover cardboards and poly-bags.
  • You can also try your hand at the notoriously difficult peacock handmade Bandhanwar.
  • Making an aesthetic Kundan Bandhanwar out of old jewellery would be a different experience altogether.
  • You can create a paper flower Bandhanwar, and include your younger kids into the activity.
  • How about a Bandhawar made from your discarded stoles and dupattas?

Whichever you choose, as long as you enjoy the process, it will turn out beautifully. Welcome your Diwali the way it should be: through an entrance adorned with a colourful and handmade Bandhanwar!

Before we conclude, we want to remind you to buy everything online. Proper sanitation is of utmost importance, and we at Pramod observe that in all our modern luxury home designs. Our qualified and experienced luxury home designers believe in making online shopping the best bait in uncertain times.

At Pramod Group, our expert architects and home designers bring you intricate and elaborate plans that meet your standards and expectations. With over 35 years of experience, we want you to have a home that you and your family can safely thrive in, flourish and prosper. We bring you a space genuinely reflective of who you are, so you always feel comfortable and stress-free in our meticulously and carefully crafted homes!

In the current times, with the limitations to venture out, we are spending more time with the family within confined spaces. The traditional family unit works together to make everyone’s life a little easier during these anxious times. Whether this means helping around the home, taking turns cooking and cleaning, or spending quality time together, families have become undeniably important. With families, households have also regained their past importance. What was once just a place to relax now has to double as a positive, work-conducive atmosphere. For a lot of families, creating this environment depends on a modern luxury home design.

Thus we arrive at our main topic of conversation today: home decor ideas which can uplift your mood when spending time indoors is imperative.

Pramod Group

Established in 1984, Pramod Group is a Delhi based designer infrastructure and development company which is constructed on the foundation of building trust. It has been serving its customers with quality floors well over two decades.

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