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Established in 1984, Pramod Associates is a Delhi based designer infrastructure and development company which is constructed on the foundation of building trust.


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Furniture Designers in East Delhi

We Design and Craft Furniture to Complement your Dream Homes

Furniture Designers in East Delhi


Furniture making falls no less than any art! The colours, the formations, the moods, and the presentation; all of these elements when come together to form a piece of furniture, the end result is nothing but a canvas of sheer beauty and magnificence. At Pramod, the furniture designers in East Delhi, we believe in crafting an artistic masterpiece with every furniture we craft in our vertically owned flagship fabrication unit. It gives us a profound sense of accomplishment when we produce the furniture pieces that complement the styling sense, the home décor and the needs of our prestigious clients.

With our decades of experience in constructing designer homes, we take pride in designing interior spaces in a way that turns them into a spectacular and effective setting for the residents. It allows them to carry a range of activities in those living spaces with the furniture that we create while feeling comfortable and relaxed. At Pramod, style is something we develop in a nonlinear manner, hence, we make sure not to repeat the designs and bring about new furniture ideas in every project. This is what makes us the leading furniture designers in East Delhi.


The Inception

Being the foremost supporting service for past few decades and with the flow of designer home projects at the help, we appropriately decided to have an in-house furniture studio rather than outsourcing and not getting the quality we aspire. Our specialized and dedicated interior design and fabrication unit is now a part of Pramod, helping us to deliver many more projects that are successful. Ever since this design cell has worked on and produced many designer home projects bringing smiles to many faces.


The Research and Ideation

The creative hub of Pramod is where innovative designs and ideas are developed. A special research and development unit works unfathomable hours to bring about the required creativity in the furniture pieces, be it the vintage forms, the antique appearances or the modern contemporary styles. Comprising of qualified fabricators and experienced designers, this unit is continuously researching for updated information, new ideas, classic and modern materials, and unique design pieces. While doing so, we do not forget to question the age-old cliché solutions, when we can create something absolutely out-of-the-box and yet, too functional. Being the most coveted furniture designers in East Delhi is giving us more pride than ever, every day.


The Team

The team of furniture designers in East Delhi at Pramod is composed of multidisciplinary professionals with considerable experiences and backgrounds. This diversity enables us to understand the social values of the residents and we are able to distinguish between repeated human patterns as manifested in their built environments. Accordingly, we design and bring about the furniture pieces that are the testimony of experience and excellence.

The multidisciplinary and highly adept team makes us ahead of our competitors where functionality and timeless aesthetics are the essential elements in our designs. Our team’s work process is highly dedicated, in the sense that every piece of furniture and material is well thought of and is passed across all possible choices and patterns.

Our interior design services fuelled by the furniture crafting initiative are suited to all the new and refurbished projects and we are always delivering a fully comprehensive range when it comes to home designing.


Some of the primary factors for which you can rely upon us are:


Custom Made Furniture – We do not push catalogues to you! All our furniture pieces and living spaces are uniquely designed and executed keeping in mind your preferences. That is why we are recognized as authentic furniture designers in East Delhi.


Handpicked Interior Designers – When you connect with Pramod; you get access to a team of expert interior decorators, furniture designers, fabricators and contractors who can help you build your dream home.


End-to-End Services – We do not only offer consultation but we handover the end products to you with your absolute satisfaction. We are your single point of contact to manage all your interior design, furniture making and execution needs. Just finalize designs you love and leave the rest to our expert designers!




Delivery and Installation – Our team of well-trained experts deliver the furniture to your doorstep and install them to perfection.


Warranty and Support – All our furniture products are backed by warranties and come with free after-sales support and maintenance facility.

 When we design and make furniture, we keep all the aspects in consideration right from the special planning to design supervision to the fabrication and to the final installation. These aspects form the centre of our elaborated design and creation process. Right from the very outset, we listen carefully to our clients’ briefs and requirements, helping them to make the right decision and choices related to furniture at every stage. Because we are not just fabricators, we are thoughtful furniture designers in East Delhi.

Here are some of the points that we religiously follow while creating aesthetic pieces highly functional furniture for your design homes:


Soften the Corners – Safety and comfort remain our prime concerns while making furniture pieces. We particularly make sure that we soften the corners of every furniture piece so that they do not hurt the residents, especially the younger ones.


Sizes and Proportions – We give a lot of consideration to the sizes and shapes of the rooms where the furniture is to be placed. Instead of offering standard sizes, we create custom sized proportional furniture to fit the spaces perfectly without posing any blockage. We also keep the furniture sizes proportional in our home design layouts.


Openings and Free Space – The wardrobes, doors and windows of the house that we make are so crafted that they do not conflict with the furniture placed in the room. We also make sure the furniture is placed appropriately, not to block the entrances and fresh air from the windows.


Vastu Principles – We ardently follow the Vastu Shastra when it comes to placement and directions of the furniture. For example, we ensure that placement of the bed headboard is in the south (1st preference) or east or west. Similarly, we keep the Vastu as our prime guiding factor, because we do believe in offering the prosperity and positive energies that is can bring for the residents.


Headboard and WC – We make sure that headboard and WC are never on the same wall for functional as well as aesthetic reasons. Keeping these small yet very important considerations are leading our path to be the most sought after furniture designers in East Delhi.


Defining Minutely – Not just the furniture, the entire room with its various corners remains in our focus. We define every part by giving it the right colours and furniture pieces, which enliven it.


Storing Space – Our furniture creation and placement initiatives are always aligned with the concept of maximizing the storage space within the rooms. We also make sure that free movement space is not hampered in the way, by placing storage furniture pieces inside the room.


Thus, our furniture design and creation concepts are always in place to make your designer homes even more beautiful while keeping the functionality intact. As prominent furniture designers in East Delhi, we are here to offer your thoughts, ideas, and consultation on any queries that you have regarding your home décor, interior designing, and furniture requirements.

Pramod Group

Established in 1984, Pramod Group is a Delhi based designer infrastructure and development company which is constructed on the foundation of building trust. It has been serving its customers with quality floors well over two decades.

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