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Construction Contractor in East Delhi

Challenges We Overcame While Delivering the Momentous After Sales Services

Construction Contractor in East Delhi


At Pramod, your readily available construction contractor in East Delhi, our mission remains to provide personalized and attentive service to build quality homes exceeding the age-old building standards. We make sure you get more than what you expect as per the investment of time, money and effort that you are making. In the endeavour, our after sales service is always on their foot to offer the top-notch assistance that our customers need after the final delivery of their homes.

Once the handover of the property is complete and later if a problem should arise, our valued clients are encouraged to contact our after-sales service team immediately and our advisors spring in action to look into the concerns.  Regardless of the nature of the problem, you can be sure that a member of our team will do everything possible in the situation. You can trust our team.

However, it has not always been a smooth ride to offer the kind of after-sales service that we always aspired to include in the entire gamut of the facilities we provide. As an ambitious construction contractor in East Delhi, we have strived hard to reach the levels of excellence while overcoming a lot of obstacles posed by the industry compliances and more.

Yet, we have managed to reach the international standards of after-sales service and here are some of the characteristics of our post-delivery efforts:


We are At Your Service When you Want

The reputation of Pramod’s after-sales service team is built on its trademark 24×7 service. Our team of experts ensures that service calls are handled quickly and effectively to resolve any situation. Pramod promises you a unique experience and unparalleled after-sales service.


Guidance and Maintenance

Having a home built means a lifetime of the investment, which needs properConstruction Contractor in East Delhi -01 maintenance and care to ensure the property’s optimum life. We offer absolute guidance to help you adapt the maintenance practices throughout the living tenure. We also make sure we are there to help you with any maintenance effort that you get stuck with.

After crossing the obstacles that we did, we are now committed to assuring customer satisfaction. We are successful in developing an “After Sales Service Plan” that is capable of giving our customers their peace of mind and an assurance that their builder will be around for years to come. Whenever you have a concern or experience a small problem, we will respond appropriately.

As a responsible construction contractor in East Delhi, we have drafted our after-sales service policy very carefully. It begins with the preventative measures we take, first and foremost of which is, effective communication with our prestigious clients. From day one of looking at plans, and designing your future home, we will discuss with you the building process. Throughout the construction, there is a constant pool of ideas shared back and forth between the brainstorming team at Pramod and the customer. Our engineer and designers will explain what steps are next and what you can expect, to help with the planning process. This communication between the team and the customer does not stop when your designer home is complete. A representative is in constant touch with you after the completion to find out address any concerns or issues you may have.

We also exceed construction standards in many cases so that we can offer a superior product while providing quality customer service throughout the entire building process. The workmanship provided for you will have the highest expectation. If for any reason if you are not happy with the workmanship up to one year after the completion date, you are free to contact us and ask for remedies. A representative from Pramod would be more than happy to respond within a reasonable time. After addressing the issue on the site, our representative looks for your approval as to if it is to your absolute satisfaction. We are more than happy to correct the faults if they are caused due to construction negligence or any other reason.

To avoid claims due to negligence, we have also compiled a small list of solutions to help prevent typical maintenance problems. Our customers receive a useful maintenance list after the completion of a home. If the customer follows these simple maintenance steps, it will help prolong the decay of the house, keep the house in excellent condition, and protect your valuable investment for many years.

Even though we offer the best-built homes, problems can occur owing to weather conditions or other contingencies. Moreover, in today’s market where customers are more sophisticated than ever and their expectations are higher.  We are always striving to meet up these expectations to keep our reputation as the best construction contractor in East Delhi intact. This helps our business growth hugely and we get the recommendations that we need to build more homes. Thus, the benefits of good customer service go beyond positive recommendations from satisfied customers.


Here are some of our after-sales characteristics in crisp form. Especially the ones that have helped us to overcome all the challenges and offer the best customer support:


  • Timely visits that ensure clients’ issues are taken seriously
  • Visit of the CRM person within 24 hours after a complaint is raised
  • Dedicated Service Personnel to receive initial calls so that none of the complaints is missed
  • Daily meetings within the team to update and discuss the sheets
  • Weekly meeting with higher management to share critical issues for decision-making
  • Free maintenance up to 6 months posts final handover.
  • Exceeding customer expectation by giving timely updates on the status of work.
  • Take customers to feedback seriously for the betterment
  • Changing the products due to customer complaints
  • Taking customers’ feedback after all the issues are resolved.


At Pramod, we always think quality and strive to offer better than what we offered. We pay special attention to the smallest details as to what the client wants. That is the reason; we always keep the dialogue open with our clients. We share the timely updates, issues and insights about the project with the client and ask for their inputs while we share our recommendations and advice.

As the understanding construction contractor in East Delhi, we know that the customers often do not comprehend the core construction terms. Hence, we make sure to communicate in layman terms to keep your words simple and easy to understand. This makes it easier for the client to understand the details of the project. This is also an imperative part of our ongoing after-sales service initiative.

Our free after-sales services post final handover include small installations or other menial jobs to keep the house maintained and our customers happy. Going this extra mile brings us a lot of satisfaction, which is derived from the smiles of our customers.

Overcoming the obstacles in the after-sales service department was not easy, yet, with conviction and dedication, the processes that we have laid are bringing us the results that we aspired for. We are striving every day to make the experiences better for all our customers.

If you are one of our customer’s or willing to get a designer home built, we are open to having a dialogue related to your requirements.

Pramod Group

Established in 1984, Pramod Group is a Delhi based designer infrastructure and development company which is constructed on the foundation of building trust. It has been serving its customers with quality floors well over two decades.

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