With principals based on building trust we are Delhi's leading ISO Certified designer home developers.
Established in 1984, Pramod Associates is a Delhi based designer infrastructure and development company which is constructed on the foundation of building trust.
About - Vivek Gupta - Pramod Associates


Founder, Pramod Group


Designing, planning, and creating spaces that showcase the epitome of exquisite architecture is what Pramod stands for. Spearheading the organisation gives me a huge sense of pride. The reputation, the trust that we have earned from our patrons and the unparalleled industry standing that we hold, all of it is fuelled by our constant endeavour towards complex R &D and the quest for perfection.


Propelling a company towards growth, especially one with a massive reputation like Pramod is a matter of honour for me.

As a provider of designer home development, modern architecture styles and luxurious interior design, we continuously think about expanding the repertoire. Grounded by the deep roots of old-fashioned real estate and enthused by the wanderlust to find newer designing arenas, we have embarked on a journey that keeps bringing surprise elements to the fore. This journey has also led me to create perfection with the designs and spaces. I continue to travel with a keen eye to explore everything that is there around design and architecture.


Our planning efforts are never devoid of the eco-friendly processes. The area remains in my absolute focus. I believe that it is most important to take the environment into account and to put the resources to their best use. The optimisation is the key.


Understanding the market is crucial to the organisation’s growth. However, this understanding needs to happen by combining traditional domestic design and international scope. My personal enterprise has always been to bridge the gap between global and local designs. Meaningful interactions with various top international designers have helped me a great deal in this direction. Needless to say; I am a huge advocate of spaces that reflect a perfect fusion.


Our projects aim to create a landmark and innovative spaces while following the international vogue that appeal to the new age globetrotting consumer. Such innovation requires an efficient and economical use of space. Hence, every home we build fulfils its true potential and gives our clients maximum satisfaction and happiness by bringing their dream house to reality!